The Story of Freefall

“Freefall” was born out of a simple desire to just write a song that I wanted to hear our band play. We had been playing in New York City for about a year at this point and I thought we were firing on all cylinders going into this new phase of music, kickstarted by “Heartbreakers,” “Lay Me Down,” “Masquerade” and “Tell Me.” I wanted to write something that sounded straight off of Stereophonics’ “Language. Violence. Sex. Other?” album, one of my all time favorites and primary inspiration for The Ivins. Just a balls out rocker with belting vocals. We started playing this one live and it was always a favorite of mine. However, it almost didn’t make the album. For whatever reason, with all of the other songs that had come into the fold, this one kept getting pushed down to the bottom of the pile. We had one last studio session booked with Pedro Aida at Audio Verite and I thought we needed to just try and go with this and see what happens. All it took was hearing a rough instrumental mix from the first day and we immediately knew that not only was it making the album, but it was gonna kick it off. Jack suggested adding the air raid siren and I LOVED how that sounded. Such a powerful way to start an album. Also, from accidentally pasting the siren into the wrong part of the song - the end of the guitar solo - Pedro and I realized the siren was actually in the correct key and worked in this second spot as well as the beginning. Jack’s drums just take off like a high speed chase and never stop grooving, Andreas Magnusson made the mix sound unbelievably large, and it really was the best way we could have possibly introduced ourselves to the world.