The Story of Made Up Mind

It’s not every day you hear that a song took primary inspirations from Arctic Monkeys and…Limp Bizkit? As I have mentioned several times in these stories, the album AM from Arctic Monkeys made a huge impact on me and I wanted to write a song that I thought could have fit on that album. I had a principal structure but had no idea where to take the bridge. And that’s when Jack and me went to see Mr. Durst and Limp Bizkit in concert (no shame). During the bridge of the early 2000’s classic, “My Way,” me and Jack both commented how Wes Borland’s guitar work was so cool and we needed something like that. So the next day I plopped my self in a chair and attempted to write a section that sounded like Wes Borland’s delay-heavy guitar in the bridge of “My Way,” troubleshooting several different figures until I found a combination that worked. I wanted this song to be different in more ways than one so that’s why the b-section of that second verse had no musical elements in it; just the raw emotion of a vocal driving it forward with the funky drums. Written as a missive against complacent people in my life settling for things I did not believe that they should, I always felt I could have done better on the chorus. People seem to like those riffs that happen though, so can’t argue with that. Except when I had to play them on a bass. Definitely scolded myself for that one.